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作者:Lana Peasley, 11年级
Having a good balance is essential to having a 健康y and entertaining 生活. Having the perfect balance between our personal commitments like being with friends and family and work commitments is one of 生活's most challenging aspects.
I used to think that being successful required me to do school work for long hours every day and to work hard during those hours with no distractions. 这样做的问题是,我会比我预期的更快地精疲力竭. I became so exhausted from all the work that I no longer had any motivation to do any of my schoolwork. 精疲力竭对我的心理健康有负面影响, 因为我总是压力很大,筋疲力尽.
这影响了我的社交生活和学术生活, 因为我的成绩没有达到应有的水平.
I also no longer had the motivation to leave the house to hang out with my friends, as I felt that I had to continue pushing myself academically to obtain good grades. This is when I realized that having a proper balance between my schoolwork and my social 生活 is what I needed to thrive.
当我一直在工作的时候, I no longer had the time to create and maintain relationships with the people around me, 我觉得我离我的朋友越来越远了. I soon realized that having a social 生活 was just as important as doing schoolwork. In

生活, 一切都是为了达到完美的平衡, 尽管找到这种平衡并不总是那么容易, it is important to constantly work towards having a balance and making sure you're not spending too much time doing one thing and not enough time doing the other.
现在我不仅优先考虑我的学术生活, 我也发现我不再有倦怠的感觉, 在学习方面,我有了更多的动力. This means that I've seen a boost in my grades, as my average has increased by about 5%. 但对我来说,这并不重要. To me the important part is that my mental 健康 has improved so much more because I no longer feel as overwhelmed as I previously did. 最重要的是, I feel like I’m overall a happier person and I hope that my happiness will reflect on my friends and the people around me.
I'm not here to tell you not to study and only hang out with your friends. I'm here to tell you to find a balance between the two because your mental 健康 is so important, and not having the proper mental 健康 will affect you both academically and socially.
I’m going to leave you with a quote from Catherine Pulsifer: “Too much of one thing can end up creating stress: This is something that no one needs in their 生活. 但生活在平衡中可以带来和谐与安宁。”